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10 Custom Shaped Stickers for five pounds

10 Custom Shaped Stickers for five pounds

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An easy way to get some quick branded promotion. 

Your design on ten custom shaped 8 cm stickers for only £5!

Please note, you just get one design per order. If you would like multiple designs, take a look at our other products.

Our £5 deal templates are set to a maximum size of 8cm, so if your artwork isn't sized accordingly, we will change it to 8cm.

If you're at a total loss or need some guidance, check out our handy artwork guide! 

How it works

(If you don't have an image editing software you can upload your sticker file without a template)

Please note, due to the low price of this product, we cannot offer a proofing / art-working service. 

  • Download the template based on which program you're familiar with 
  • In your chosen software, upload your sticker design into the template file at the size sticker you require
  • Save your artwork template as a PDF or PSD and upload to the file uploader below

Sticker Templates

Adobe Photoshop template - Download here

Adobe Illustrator template - Download here

Want to try our stickers before you order? Check out our sticker sample pack here

Looking to reorder stickers?

Click here. No need to re-upload artwork, we have it on file so we just need your previous order number.

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Best setup practices

The best colour profile

Our printer uses CMYK inks so setting up your artwork this way will give the closest approximation to what you see on your screen. If you use RGB, then chances are that your artwork will look much more dull when printed. This can be switched at any time but it’s best to do it at the start when you first create your document.

Sizing up your design

When you first create your document, it’s good practice to set it up to the size you want your sticker (or larger). This way, you will have no scale blurring issues when your file is printed and your artwork will look sharp.

Print vs screen resolution

This is really important to do straight away when you create your document. Computer screens are set to 72 DPI so something that looks sharp onscreen won’t necessarily translate well when printed. If you want to set it up to a larger DPI that’s fine as well, but anything larger than 300 DPI is kind of wasted for our printer.

Need more help with your stickers?

We're here to make ordering custom stickers as easy as possible, which is why we've created a handy guide. Click the link below to find out more